International Executive Appointments In Management Consulting, FMCG & Retail

Find A Balance Consulting, is a London based search & selection business which identifies key personnel for career opportunities in Germany, the United Kingdom and America.


Having the right people on your team can be critical to any mission, especially when you manage a successful and growing business. We have the experience and tools to assist you in striking the right balance between motivation, ability and cultural fit when you hire someone into your organisation.


As an independent, start-up business we believe in embracing your individual objectives as employers and employees. To support this principle, each Consultant works only with a handful of clients which enables us to build relationships based on trust, delivery and a thorough understanding of your business and culture. It is this approach to developing a professional partnership which has led to many successful Executive appointments in Europe and America.


In addition, we appreciate the inherent abilities Executives possess. To understand them quickly, we use a mix of profiling tools and competence based interviews which help us to single out and advise people on their aptitude and characteristic drivers. Therefore, we can assist management staff in understanding where someone's natural potential lies and hence which responsibilities are likely to result in top performance and job satisfaction.